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In addition to traditional civil construction services Rossmore Civils (UK) Limited are please to be able to offer a reactive maintenance works service for unplanned and emergency works. A sample of such works (road/rail embankment slippage repairs, etc.) are outlined below.

Slippage Repairs – A7 Scotland

Source, import and carefully place rock armour to protect the existing motorway above from being undermined by hydraulic failure of a clay/gravel inter-layered natural slope.

Slippage Repairs – M876 Scotland

Excavation of failed slope materials and benched excavations to allow stepped placement of tyre bales (c200no.) to protect the existing motorway slopes from being undermined by hydraulic failure.

Culvert Installation – A90 Scotland

Deep drainage installation of culverts on live dual carraigeway under traffic management, working in and around suspended fibre optic cables.